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The Benefits & Features Of SEO Hosting

Having a competitive edge when managing SEO campaigns means everything.

Many SEO professionals are optimizing their content, on-page SEO strategies, link building techniques, and checking rankings daily. For those actively promoting sites it can be easy to forget about optimizing your web hosting for better search visibility!

Why is SEO hosting a critical factor for success?

An approach that many SEO professionals use within their SEO campaigns involve building multiple websites residing on different domains, registrars, IP's, Class C's, and CMS's to create networks of websites to be used for specific purposes.

It's difficult competing in most markets if your SEO campaign is only focused on promoting a single website you have control over. It's harder to achieve the results you're working for when promoting multiple sites if they're residing on the same IP.

Placing those sites on different Class C IP addresses ensures the likelihood of ranking multiple sites in the SERP's for a single keyword query.

Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversity your approach!

Normal web hosts do not offer the C Class IP diversity needed for successfully building multiple sites utilizing complex linking strategies or creating sites for the purpose of attaining additional "keyword real estate" in the SERP's. The hosting packages offered by Arctic Hosting can help get the added search engine visibility you're looking for.

Take your SEO campaigns to the next level. Trust the team from Arctic Hosting.

If you're looking for a reliable SEO hosting company that understands the needs of agencies and SEO professionals, you've come to the right place. Arctic Hosting is comprised of a tight-knit group of SEO veterans that take pride in what they do and practice what they preach. See the difference for yourself, try Arctic Hosting today!