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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Arctic SEO Hosting Packages Reside on Shared or Dedicated IP's?

All packages contain unique IP's but are shared in terms of resources. When it comes to the effectiveness and the nature of SEO hosting, we've found that multiple sites residing on the same IP (unrelated to your own) appears more "natural" to search engines.

Can You Host Multiple Domains On The Same IP?

Yes. We do not restrict the use of each unique C Class IP to host only one domain name.

How Does Technical Support Work?

Arctic Hosting provides 24/7 support for all hosting packages. Have a question or technical concern? The fastest way to reach our support team is to submit a ticket detailing the nature of your challenge. We take pride in our responsiveness and realize how important reliability in terms of user support is.

Can Arctic Hosting Help Migrate My Websites Hosted with a Different Company?

Yes. Please provide the details if you have questions about website migration. Under normal circumstances if your current provider is using WHM/cPanel to host your website we'd be happy to walk you through the transfer process if you're unsure.

How are Server Loads Managed?

The team at Arctic Hosting understands the value of reliability and performance when it comes to web hosting. Loads are monitored constantly and we've taken the necessary measures to ensure availability and uptime.

Where are the IP's Located? Does Arctic Hosting Offer IP's in Other Countries?

All IP's are located in the USA. We don't provide packages containing international IP's.

Is Hosting Services Include with the Price of IP's?

Yes. Arctic Hosting provides hosting services for all C Class IP plans featured. Hosting doesn't have to be purchased separately and is always included with each package.

Why Choose Arctic Hosting?

Arctic Hosting is different from other SEO hosting companies because our relationships with clients are built on trust and integrity. Our team takes pride in upholding a positive reputation in the SEO industry and looks forward to continuing to provide reliable services to "get the job done" with less resistance and in less time.